"Greatness is my mission."

- Childish Gambino

“A percipient interpreter of story. Her structural methods and unique insights make any work blossom into great writing. She is a writer's dream date.”

Dr. Wendy Walsh, America's Thought-Leader on Relationships


“I've employed several different copy editors…Jerusha Rodgers has been by far the most thorough, conscientious and affordable.”

Joni Rodgers, New York Times bestselling author

“Jerusha Rodgers’ eagle eye missed nothing. Her suggestions for improving flow, clarity and strengthening sections of the work I overlooked were spot on. She asked the right questions to bring out the best in this memoir and in me. As an added bonus, Jerusha was fun to work with.”

Linda Barrett, award-winning author

“Though many editors have a talent for either story structure or continuity and line editing, Ms. Rodgers excelled at all these tasks. I was extremely impressed with her timely delivery and eye for details that I definitely would have missed. In addition, helped keep me motivated to write quickly and take greater creative risks… The energy, enthusiasm, and expertise she brings to her work will quickly make her an indispensable part of your team.”

Colleen Thompson, award-winning author

“Oh, the magic you weave with bulk quantities of Post-it notes. Behold, the STICKY-GRID MOJO, without which we would have been lost. We could never thank you enough for your guidance, your organization, your help, and most of all your patience and your friendship.”

Amie and Jolie Sikes, TV personalities